How to Disconnect Sprayer Hose from Delta Faucet?


Delta comes with one of the finest faucets and fittings in the market and they are not likely to be damaged soon. However, sometimes either the diverter valve of the Delta faucet or the sprayer hose can get damaged.

If you notice that there is continuous water dripping from the sprayer hose, you can simply remove or replace it. If you don’t know how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet, you will get to know it here. It is pretty intuitive so, don’t worry.

But, before that, if you understand how the sprayer hose and faucet are connected, detaching it from the faucet will be a lot easier.

The Faucet-Sprayer Hose Relationship

The faucet and sprayer hose works hand in hand to create the water spray from the spray head.

The water outlets are connected with the kitchen faucet but the sprayer is not connected to them. If you keep the faucet shut off, you will not get water from the sprayer head.

Water coming from the water supply line travels from the faucet to the sprayer head through the sprayer hose. One of the ends of a sprayer hose meets the faucet through a copper tube. The other end of the hose meets the sprayer’s head.

When you turn on the sprayer head, the water that you would get from the faucet will come through the sprayer head. Therefore, there will be very little or no water from the faucet when you turn on the sprayer head.

So, what is diverting the water from the faucet to the sprayer head? The diverter valve does this when you turn on the sprayer.  If you want to say the faucet-sprayer hose relationship in one line, it will be like-sprayer hose is what connects the faucet with the sprayer head.

Identify The Category Of Delta Kitchen Faucets

Disconnecting the sprayer hose will not take much time. But, before you know how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet, you should identify the type of faucet your kitchen has.

There are mainly3 categories of delta kitchen faucets:

1. Centerset kitchen faucet

It comes with a faucet, a veggie sprayer, and two handles. All the parts of this faucet sit in a line.

2. Widespread kitchen faucet

This type of faucet has one handle as well as a veggie sprayer with a single handle.

3. Single handle pull-out kitchen faucet

This faucet stem can be pulled out to use as a veggie sprayer.

Necessary Tools For Detaching Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet

Necessary Tools For Detaching Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet

You will not need a whole plumber’s toolbox to disconnect the sprayer hose from the Delta faucet. Just a few common tools will be needed. You will need-

  • A sink wrench
  • A Crescent Wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • A bucket or towel

How You Will Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet?

Follow these easy steps to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta kitchen faucet.

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Valves

Before detaching the sprayer hose from Delta faucet, shut off the water supply valves. You will find the valves under your sink. Some faucet has two valves-one is for hot water, another is for cool water. Run the sprayer so that no water is left in the hose.

For a centerset or widespread Delta kitchen faucet, the process of detaching the sprayer hose is the same. But, you need to follow a slightly different way to detach the sprayer hose from the pull-out Delta faucet.

Here, I am discussing both the processes for your convenience.

Step 2: Disconnecting The Sprayer Hose

Centerset Or Widespread Delta Kitchen Faucet

For a center set or widespread kitchen faucet follow these three easy steps.

1. Unfasten the clip that attaches the hose to the water tube

You have to disconnect the sprayer hose from the outlet channel of the faucet.

Go underneath the sink. And spot the place where the sprayer hose and the outlet channel meet. The sprayer hose is usually affixed to the outlet tube with a clip. If you find such a clip, unfasten it and keep it safe.

The remaining water from the outlet tube and hose can create a mess under the sink while detaching the sprayer hose. Place a bucket or a towel under the sink to hold any water.

2. Disconnect the spray hose by pulling it down or pressing downward

Another thing you have to check is whether the connection is snap-on or threaded. The threaded connection is a bit trickier. Press the hose connector downward or pull the sprayer hose on to disconnect it from the faucet. Don’t put much pressure.

3. Remove the sprayer head from the hose

The last thing you have to do is to remove the sprayer head from the sprayer hose. There is a lock nut in the joint of the sprayer head and the hose.

Turn the slide nut anti-clockwise. The sprayer head will loosen and detach easily. Keep the sprayer head safely. You will need it while replacing the hose later.

Delta Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer

In case you own a pull-out Delta faucet, the process is slightly different but not difficult.

1. Remove the weight attached to Delta pullout kitchen faucet hose

Under the sink of the pull-out faucet, you will find the remaining part of the hose. In this type of hose, you will find a weight attached to it. You may need a screwdriver to take it off. In most cases, the weight is secured with a clip that you can unfasten with your hand.

2. Disconnect the hose from the waterline

After removing the weight, you can now see the place where your sprayer hose attaches to the waterline. It should be a clip-type assembly. You can release it by popping it out or need a screwdriver. Finally, pull down and detach the sprayer hose from the waterline.

3. Pull the entire hose through the faucet

Now, this step is a breeze. Hold the nozzle of your sprayer hose and pull it out gently. The entire hose will come out effortlessly.

4. Disconnect the sprayer head

If the sprayer head and hose have a quick release connection, press the button and detach the head. In case it is a threaded connection, take a crescent wrench, place it on the joint of the sprayer head & hose and go counter-clockwise.

Do it gently. It will loosen up within a few seconds. Now unthread the sprayer hose from the sprayer head.

Check The Hose For Any Leakage

After removing the sprayer hose from any of these three types of Delta faucets, you will want to look for the leakage. If there is any leakage, you have to replace it with a new sprayer hose.

If you find no leakage in the sprayer hose, turn on your water supply valve and run the faucet again. Possibly the snap-on mechanism of the faucet and sprayer head has got loose.

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Some Hacks That You Should Know

Now you know the basics of how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet. There are a few hacks that will help you to replace and maintain your Delta kitchen faucet.

How Do You Remove A Delta Quick Connect Sprayer Hose?

Removing the Delta faucet quick connect hose is quite intuitive.

To remove Delta faucet quick connect hose, squeeze the base of the quick connect and tug it upward. The plastic halves will come apart if you can put enough pressure. Once it comes apart, unfasten the brass connector and pull down the spray hose gently.

How To Replace The Delta Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Hose?

If you have found leakage in the old Delta kitchen faucet sprayer hose and have disconnected it, you have to just go in reverse to replace it.

Connect the hose to the sprayer head and insert it through the hole

At first, connect the sprayer head to the hose securely.

Then insert the end (that connects with the faucet) through the sprayer’s mounting hole in your sink deck. Then feed the entire hose down through the mounting hole. For the pull-out kitchen faucet, feed the hose through the neck of your kitchen faucet.

Connect the hose snugly to the faucet tube

Now you have to put the connection back. Go underneath your sink and connect the sprayer hose to the water tube of the faucet. You can wrap this joint with pipe tape.

Secure the C-clip in its place. In the case of a pull-out kitchen faucet, put back the weight of the sprayer hose.

What Will You Do If Water Is Leaking From The Faucet Stem?

What Will You Do If Water Is Leaking From The Faucet Stem

If the water is constantly dripping from your Delta kitchen faucet, you can fix it yourself instead of calling for a professional. The water is not completely turning off so the problem is with your faucet’s stem.

If you feel that water is dripping only because the stem connection has been leaked, tighten it with pliers or a basin wrench. After tightening, if the water stops leaking, you will not need any replacement. But, if the water leakage continues, you have to bring the stem out and diagnosis the problem.

Keep your hand under the faucet opening to feel the temperature of the water. In this way, you can understand which stem has been leaked. Suppose the water coming from the faucet is cold, then shut the cold water valve under your sink.

After that, remove the handle and the nut to reach the stem. If your faucet has a brush stem, you will need a wrench to rotate it anticlockwise until it comes out from the threads.

If your Delta faucet has a plastic stem, you have to unscrew the top cap and pop the stem out. If the washer is squeezed flat or has developed a groove, replace it with a new one.

However, if the water leakage continues even after replacing the washer, you may have to replace the whole stem assembly. With a wrench and a stem seat removal tool/Allen wrench, you can replace and secure the new stem, seat, and handle in place.

What Should You Do If The Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Hose Does Not Go In Or Out?

Most of the length of a pull-out kitchen faucet’s sprayer hose remains under the sink. If there are a lot of things under your kitchen sink, it will hinder the pull-out hose from moving smoothly.

Therefore, it will not go back to the spout spontaneously. You can clamp the hose on your wall or a side of your cabinet so that it can move easily.


Now, as you know how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet, you don’t need to match your schedule with a plumber for finding out if there is any problem with your hose or replacing it. Just gather those simplest tools and you are good to go for replacing your Delta faucet sprayer hose.

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