Water Meter Spinning No Water Running- Cause And Solution

Water Meter Spinning No Water Running

We have all faced water line issues in our household every once in a while. Some of these troubles are easy to identify and fix. While others are a little bit harder to figure out. One such problem is the water meter spinning no water running. It can surely have you wonder what could be the reason behind this.

The most probable answer to this question is that there might be a leak. A leak can make your water meter go up and spin continuously, even though there is no water running. In order to solve this problem, the first thing you need to do is find the location of the leak.

However, finding a leak in the water plumbing system is not always an easy thing to do. Well, this is why this article will be helpful to you. In the article, I have discussed why your water meter could be spinning with no water running and how to solve the problem when you figure it out. So read along and find your answer.

What Can Cause The Water Meter Spinning No Water Running?

Water is essential in our everyday life and a day without water is definitely a day ruined. That’s why it is important to figure out why your water meter might be spinning even with no water running. Because while it might not be causing big problems now, it definitely can if you leave it unattended. 

A meter will not keep spinning without any reason. So, if your water meter is spinning without any regular reason, such as an active faucet, you need to find out the unknown reason. Here are some possible causes of your water meter spinning with no water running: 

Leaky Pipes

It does not matter what type of leak it is, either a pinhole leak or a slab leak. A leaky pipe will create a continuous flow of water in your household without you knowing. This will result in your water meter spinning even when you are not actively using any water.

Leaky Plumbing Appliances

When you first consider it, a dripping showerhead or a leaky faucet might not seem like a thing that you need to worry about. But they could be the reason behind your water meter spinning continuously, even when there is no water actively running.

Leaky Toilet

More often than not, your water meter spinning problem can be caused by having a leaky toilet. This can happen in several ways. It could either be a leak in the toilet tank or a leaky part between the tank and the bowl. No matter what the source is, this will result in your water meter spinning continuously. 

Ways To Detect The Leak

So now we know that leaks can be the reason behind your water meter spinning with no water running. But now the question is how to find out if there is a leak and, if yes, where it is. You can do that by performing a meter test. Here is a step-by-step guideline for this task:

Step 1: Turn Off All Water Appliances 

The first step is to make sure that no water appliances are running inside or outside your house. That means turning off all the taps, faucets, etc., in your house. If not, it will be impossible to fix the issues.

Step 2: Find The Water Meter

After ensuring all water use is turned off, now it is time to locate the water meter. Your water meter should normally be within the boundary between your house and the nearest walkway or public footpath. Once you find it, check on the leak indicator. 
The leak indicator will most likely differ based on what brand of water meter you have. They usually come in a small silver wheel or triangular-shaped dial. The wheel moves when water flows through the meter. Anyway, if the dial keeps moving, you probably have a leak somewhere in your property. 

Step 3: Study The Water Meter

The next step involves reading the dial of the water meter. This will give you a more accurate answer for the existence of a leak. However, to take the reading, first, you need to remove the plastic cover from over the water meter carefully. Use a screwdriver to remove it by wedging it down the side of the cover. 

Once uncovered, you can note down a meter reading. Then, you need to wait a few hours to take a second reading of the water meter. Remember, no water appliances should be running during this time. After the second time, if there is a change in the reading, it means you have a leak.

Step 4: Locate The Leak

Now that you know for sure that there is a leak, the next step is to figure out the location of the leak. Is the leak inside the house or outside the house?

  • First, find out where the main shut-off valve of your house is. 
  • Then, shut off the water from the valve. Check the leak indicator to see if there is any movement again, or try the meter reading technique. 
  • You will know the leak is inside your house if the leak indicator has stopped moving or you don’t see any change in the water meter reading.
  • The leak will be between the outside of the house and the water meter if the leak indicator keeps moving and the meter readings change.

Step 5: Call The Plumber

After everything is done and you have determined the locations of the leaks, it is wise to call for a plumber. Often times such hidden leaks are hard to repair or require the use of complicated tools. Such tools are generally not available in normal households. So, after locating the leak, it is a good idea to call for professional plumbing help.

Final Words

A problem with the water supply is never a fun thing to deal with. It can go really wrong really fast. So, if you are facing problems such as the water meter spinning and no water running, make haste to find out the source of the problem. And then promptly call the plumbers to repair the said problem.

In this article, I have discussed the issue in detail. I hope reading the article will help you with such water meter-related problems and make your life much easier. 

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