Why Hot Water Backflow Into Cold & How to Fix It

Hot Water Backflow Into Cold 1
Hot Water Backflow Into Cold

Hot water backflow into cold is a recurrent problem in many households. This causes the water temperature to go out of sync. If this happens, you will not be able to use water as you, please. Such water problems can be a major source of frustration if it is not fixed as soon as possible.

Hot water can cause backflow into the cold for several reasons. Such as a faulty check valve or a misaligned shutoff valve. High water pressure and a high temperature are also possible explanations for this. However, the problem can be solved easily by installing an expansion valve and cartridge. 

So, if you want to know in detail about the hot water crossover problem, I recommend reading this article. In the article, I will discuss in detail the reasons for hot-cold water crossover and how to solve the problem.

Reasons Of Hot Water Backflow Into Cold

There can be more than one possible reason behind the hot water backflow into the cold. Let us see what they are:

  • High Water Pressure
    One of the most common reasons behind this problem is generally high water pressure. An increase in the water pressure can cause the hot water to backflow into the plumbing fixtures. A typical plumbing setup is designed to work in a particular way. So normally, it cannot tolerate high water pressure.
    When looking for a solution, this information should be kept in mind. You can try to reduce the water pressure if you want to solve this problem. If you are unsure, you can always consult your plumber about the water pressure.
  • Misaligned Shutoff Valve
    Another common problem is the misalignment of the shutoff valve. Sometimes, due to poor installation, the shutoff valve can become misaligned. This cannot be tolerated, as even the smallest misalignment can lead to huge problems.
    To solve this problem, you will need to take off and re-install the shutoff valve. This will help you realign the shutoff valve. Remember, unless the alignment problem is solved, the hot water backflow will occur without hindrance.
  • Faulty Check Valve
    Sometimes you might not get cold water from any of the faucets. If that happens, then the reason probably lies in the faulty check valve. Check valves work by closing to stop the backward flow of water.
    Check valves are vital parts of plumbing. But you might forget to take care of them. Check valves can often get damaged with age. If that happens, you will need to either repair or replace them. If you cannot do that, a plumber will be able to check and repair the check valve.
  • A High Temperature
    A high temperature can also play a role in hot water backflow. You would not want the temperature of your hot water to be excessive. If the water is too hot, it becomes a problem for you. So, check how the water is getting heated and ensure the temperature is not too high.
    This checking and keeping the temperature in control is very important. Otherwise, the backflowing of hot water will be quite hard to manage. Get yourself a good plumber who can help with the inspection and figure out what the main problem is.

How to Fix Hot Water BackFlowing Into Cold

Apart from the ones I have already mentioned, there are some other ways of solving this back-flowing problem. Let us now see what those are:

  • Change The Cartridge
    The process starts with looking at the fixture. Check properly and try to find out the source of the problem. Try to ensure that the cartridge is the main issue or not. If it is, you need to change the cartridge and once again check the faucet. 
  • Install An Expansion Tank
    Another way of solving the problem of backflowing hot water is to install an expansion tank. This will help you regulate how the water is traveling. You can ensure that the water is going the way you want it to go. 
    Besides, an expansion tank also makes plumbing more manageable. This solution will not only help with the problem. It is an excellent addition even when the problem is solved. It is often considered the best solution to solve hot water backflowing. 
  • Position The Cold And Hot Water Pipes Far From Each Other
    When trying to solve the problem of hot water backflowing, try to prevent the heat radiation from hot water pipes to cold water pipes. You can do that by installing the pipes with a gap between them. Or you can insinuate the hot water pipe in case your pipes are already positioned together.
  • Install The Cold Water Pipes Away From The Ventilation Ducts
    Ventilation ducts are sometimes close to the cold water pipes. This often leads to the backflowing of the hot water. This problem can be solved simply by installing cold pipes away from the ventilation ducts. So, ensure that your plumber is placing the pipes separated from the ventilation ducts.

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Final Words

Remember that it is unwise to leave the problem as it is. The problem won’t fix itself and is only going to get worse. So, if you are facing this problem, I would recommend first finding out why hot water backflows into cold. 

Once you find the reason, it will be much easier for you to find the right solution for your problem. In this article, I have explained some common reasons and remedies. I hope they will prove useful to you and that you can successfully apply them in real-life situations.

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