Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet-2022 Review

Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

A touchless bathroom faucet will easily spruce up a place. They will give a touch of modernism to any bathroom. But choosing one can be a hassle. Especially when there are tons of options out there. So, we reviewed the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet you can buy right now.

We scoured the internet, read countless reviews, compared products, and went through customer opinions to handpick the top 7 for you. All these give you a balanced set of features and are durable as well. Each one has something special about it.

Some features are more important. For example, a reliable sensor, durability, and also ease of cleaning and installation. Let’s take a deeper look in our review section.

Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

Picking out the top commercial touchless bathroom faucet can be a daunting task. Especially when there are so many options out there. Well, you don’t have to worry. We rounded up the only 7 you need to care about. So, let’s dive right into the review.

1. Kraus- Commercial Automatic Bathroom Faucets

Kraus- Touchless Bathroom faucet for Commercial Use

Our first one is from the guys over at Kraus. This one gives you sleek looks with a feature set that’s bound to impress anyone.

You can easily pull down the spray head for more convenience during use. This gives you an extended range of motion. Whether you need to clean your hands or need to move around tight spots, you can do it easily.

The black finish in particular looks quite nice and premium. We are sure this will fit in any bathroom aesthetic.

Looks aren’t the only thing going for it though. The build quality is also phenomenal. We loved the lead-free brass water lines and metal body.

It’s sure to last you for a long time. It’s a single-handle model. So, keep that in mind. While they look sleek, it can be a little tedious balancing the water temperature with these. But we really don’t think that’s going to be much of a problem.

And of course, maintenance is also a breeze. You don’t need to break your back trying to keep this faucet in tip-top shape. Water spots will come off of it without much worry.


  • Comes with a sleek design that will fit in
  • The long-lasting durable metal build makes this robust
  • Lots of color finishes give you more choices
  • A convenient pull-down handle makes it easy to use
  • Easy maintenance makes your day less strenuous


  • Single-handle faucets difficult to get the water temperature right

2. Greenspring- Commercial Bathroom Faucet with Sensor

Greenspring- Commercial Bathroom Faucet with Sensor

When it comes to choosing the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet, we can’t ignore this one from Greenspring. The design is so sleek and futuristic, you will immediately notice that it has some nifty features. And you would be right. It does have some cool features up its sleeve.

First thing first, this is a deck-mounted one. So, you need to be sure that’s how you install it. Proper faucet installation is also important for them to work properly. Anyway, the installation itself won’t be a problem. It’s pretty easy and the included instructions are pretty well written.

Its sensor allows for seamless operation. The water will start to flow when it senses your hands. It works and works just like magic. So, when your hands are dirty or tied up in something, you can turn it on with complete ease.

The moment you move your hands away, the water flow stops. Durability is top-notch here as well. It’s scratch and corrosion-free. Another cool thing is it won’t drip. Nothing is quite annoying as the sound of dripping water in the middle of the night. That’s something you won’t need to deal with here.


  • Awesome touchless sensor for convenient use
  • Doesn’t drip which makes it less annoying
  • Super durable carrion and scratch-resistant build quality
  • Easy to install thanks to the clear instructions


  • Comes with a short brass downpipe

3. Delta- Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Delta- Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Delta is one of those brands that don’t need an introduction. This one’s hands-free operation makes it a complete joy to use. We also loved how well the sensor works as well.

Unlike some poor-quality faucets in the markets, this one from Delta will turn on the water every time. Commercial water faucets with sensors are cool. But it doesn’t matter if they don’t work reliably. Thankfully, this has no problems in that regard, whatsoever.

And just like the previous one, the installation was a complete breeze as well. We loved the fact that you can install it in either 1 or 3-hole configurations. This gives you versatility.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that these are battery-operated. So, they will need to be eventually replaced. The faucet will make a beeping sound when battery levels are low. This way you don’t have to guess when to change it.

The durable metal construction only adds to the overall appeal of this faucet. It’s super tough and will hold against daily wear and tear without much worry. Also, we loved the chrome finish. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.


  • A reliable sensor that works every time
  • Super durable build quality that’s long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain and clean, thanks to the chrome finish
  • Hassle-free installation for 1 and 3 hole configurations


  • The battery needs to be replaced periodically

4. Greenspring- Automatic Commercial Bathroom Sink Faucet

Greenspring-Automatic Commercial Bathroom Sink Faucet

With a very modern look and a ton of features up its sleeve, this commercial faucet looks unassuming. But it hides quite the user experience. First up, we loved the overall design of this faucet. It’s sleek and doesn’t get in the way.

The lines are pretty clean and the overall minimal design gives it a professional look. We are sure it will work on different bathroom aesthetics with complete ease.

A cool feature this one has is temperature adjustability. You will love how seamless it all is. The temperature mixer really makes it very convenient to use. You don’t have to spend minutes standing there figuring out the perfect hot and cold mix.

Installation was not that bad either. It will come with everything you need for installation in the package itself. So, this will save you a trip to the hardware store. The included instructions are pretty straightforward to understand.

However, we do recommend that if you don’t have experience or aren’t sure about what you’re doing, it’s better to get a professional.


  • Very nice nickel finish that looks stunning
  • Overall great design that will fit in most kitchen décor
  • Easy to use temperature control
  • A seamless and hassle-free installation process


  • The threads aren’t that durable

5. HALO- Hands Free Industrial Bathroom Faucet

HALO- Hands Free Industrial Bathroom Faucet

No, this isn’t a faucet from the Halo video game series. Although, we are sure it would have been pretty fantastic. This one isn’t too shabby for what it is either. The first impressive thing is the sensor itself.

Not only is it automatic, but you can set the range of it as well. Since the sensor is round, it can sense in a wider area. When you move your hand, the water flow will immediately stop. Convenient and futuristic.

Design-wise, we have to say it isn’t too special. In fact, it looks somewhat similar to the other faucets we have seen so far. That isn’t to say that it’s bad though. This commercial motion sensor faucet is plenty good-looking.

The handle material is solid stainless steel. And that means only one thing. Superior durability. The surface is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. It’s needless to say this puppy will last you for quite some time.

This faucet will also help you save water. And do you know the best part? It does that without sacrificing any water pressure. Now, that’s cool. Installation was also very easy.


  • Super durable finish that will last long
  • An easy installation process that will save you time
  • The sensor is range adjustable for further convenience
  • The long-lasting battery will give you up to 3000 hours of operation
  • Saves water without sacrificing water pressure


  • You might experience a hard time adjusting the temperature control

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6. American Standard Commercial Faucet

American Standard Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Okay, we are going to say it right away – we aren’t fans of the design of this one. It just looks odd to us. However, design is subjective. So, you might like it and that’s completely fine.

Speaking of design, we have a buying guide coming up as well. So, stick around to know more about design and other important features to look out for. Anyway, so what does this American standard touchless commercial faucet have going for itself?

Well, first up since it’s a battery-powered one, you will be happy to know that it has a long-lasting battery. It will keep operating for 4 years in daily normal usage. That’s a lot of years before you need to worry about replacing it.

And we also loved how well built this faucet is. The vandal-resistant brass construction is super durable and will hold up well to the elements. Wear and tear won’t be that severe.

We are quite certain that it will last you for quite some time. More than the battery, that’s for sure.

Now comes the sensor itself. The sensor is your usual affair. You hover your hands in front of it and the faucet will turn on the water. When you take your hands away, it will turn the water off.

This makes using this faucet super convenient and easy. We also loved the very cool attention to detail here. The sensor comes with a safety feature. It will turn off automatically if it has been covered for more than 1 minute. This is very thoughtful.


  • Durable build quality that will last you a long time
  • Long-lasting battery gives you a great backup
  • A automatic sensor saves you the hassle of manually turning it on
  • The safety feature shuts off the water automatically after 1 minute


  • The rubber washer is a bit hard to install

7. Luxice Automatic Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Luxice- Automatic Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Our last one is from the guys over at Luxice. Take everything good about all the automatic commercial faucets we have reviewed and put them all in one faucet. You will end up with this one from Luxice.

Luxice nails everything on the head from the ease of installation, design, features, sensor quality, and water-saving features. The build quality is very good as well.

One thing is for sure, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. It lets you adjust the temperature exactly to your liking. Say goodbye to the days of finicking with the faucet to get the right temperature.

Although it can be used with batteries, you can choose to plug it directly into the wall as well. So, if you don’t want to worry about battery life or replacing them when they run out. Everything else just works and works well.

The sensors are top-notch and will recognize your hands every time. It even saves water without reducing the water pressure. So, you can save the planet and also have a nice flow of water. It’s a complete win-win if you ask us.


  • A high-quality sensor that works reliably
  • Pretty easy installation process and parts are included
  • Temperature control is a breeze that will save you time
  • Can be plugged in or operated with batteries thus making it versatile


  • Batteries aren’t included

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Commercial Sensor Faucets

Before you go about spending your money, you need to be sure about the features you are going for. Picking out sensor-operated faucets from a top 7 list is easy. All the ones in this review are handpicked and you will love them. But when you know exactly what to look for, you can get one that suits your needs.

Sensor Quality

The sensor quality is very important. You are buying a touchless faucet for the convenience the automatic sensor gives you. So, make sure it’s a reliable one. Some faucets have additional features like auto shut off. So, don’t forget to check those out as well.


Let’s face it, you want your brand-new faucet to be durable. The last thing you want is the faucet to break down just after a couple of weeks of use. Look for durable materials like stainless steel and brass. These will make it last longer. Other things to look for are corrosion and rust resistance. These features will keep the finish looking pristine. Speaking of finishes, this brings us to our next point.


There you have it. Now you know all about the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet you can buy. Not only that, but you also know what specific features to look out for. We loved the Kraus KSF-1610MB Bolden for its overall stellar features. But others are good as well. Pick the one that suits your needs.

Ease of Installation

To be able to use the faucet you will need to install it, don’t you? Get one that’s easy to install and you will thank yourself. If you get a professional to install it for you, they won’t get annoyed either.

There are mostly two types of installation. Wall-mounted and single-hole faucets. Wall-mounted ones are pretty self-explanatory. They go directly into the wall and will keep the countertop looking clean.

Single hole faucets are traditional and look cool. They are easier to install and use too! Some come with a base plate to hide additional holes. So, the results turn out quite sleek.

Battery Powered Vs. Wall Plug

Then there is the power source. Some can be battery powered and some can be plugged into a wall outlet. Of course, each has its pros and cons. A battery-powered one won’t have ugly wires you need to deal with.

Although the battery needs to be replaced from time to time. That’s another thing you need to keep in mind. A typical battery will last for years though. So, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Alternatively, you can, of course, go for a wall-plugged-on as well. They do not need any battery replacements. It’s more of a plug-in and forget it kind of affair.

Spout Height

A high spout gives you more room to move around. A small spout won’t give you much clearance. But the only clearance you need is just for your hands to fit. Still, some might like the look of a tall spout.

Water Pressure

There is nothing quite as disappointing as low water pressure. It makes for a flimsy experience when it comes to using the faucet.

So, look out for ample water pressure. Water flow is important. Some faucets will help you save water without sacrificing water pressure. Those are great.


Design is, of course, very subjective. But it’s your bathroom, your faucet, and your choice. Go for a faucet whose design you like and the one that will go well with your bathroom. A nicely designed faucet can really spruce up a bathroom.

Brand and Price

Lastly, we have the brand and price. Settling on a price point is easy. Just fix a budget and choose a faucet that fits within that price point. Make sure you try to include much of the features we mentioned.

As for the brand, all the ones we mentioned here are top names. You can choose the one that works for you without worry. You won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Do Commercial touchless faucets need electricity?

Every touchless commercial faucet will need some kind of power source. But the power source can vary. It doesn’t always have to be electricity or a direct wall power outlet. Some can run on batteries as well.

Do automatic faucets save water?

Yes, it does! This is one of the major benefits of this kind of faucet. The moment you take your hands away from the sensor, the water flow will stop. How cool is that? This little bit can help you save a lot of water over time.

How long do the batteries last on a touchless faucet?

There isn’t a direct answer to this. How long the batteries will last depend on the faucet usage. Typically, they can last anywhere from 2 to 4 years. When the batteries run dry, the faucet will alert you that it needs to be replaced.

Are commercial faucets hard to clean?

Not really. They are just like any faucet and aren’t particularly hard to clean. Although some finishes may be harder to clean than others. Finishes like chrome are pretty easy to clean up for the most part and you won’t face any major problems.

Final Words

There you have it. Now you know all about the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet you can buy. Not only that, but you also know what specific features to look out for. We loved the Kraus KSF-1610MB Bolden for its overall stellar features. But others are good as well. Pick the one that suits your needs.

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